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117 East 41st Street, New York, New York, 10168



Scissor Cut

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:$40

Fade Haircut

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:$40

Buzz Cut

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:$30

Beard Trim

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:$25

Beard Trim w/shave

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:$35

Haircut & Shampoo

. Duration:40 mins·. Price:$40

Haircut and Beard Trim (Machine)

. Duration:45 mins··. Price:$50


About us

Welcome to Olde Tyme Barbers. Established in 1929, we’ve been servicing the tonsorial needs of Midtown Men for over eight decades. Our expert staff listens to what our customers want and at Olde Tyme Barbers you don’t just get a haircut, it’s a haircutting experience. We are now in our 3rd generation of owners. It all started with the original “Joe The Barber” my Grandfather.

As seen in New York Magazine

Everything you need to know about Olde Tyme Barbers is in its name. Barbering midtown gents since 1945, this spot in the back of the Chanin Building—an Art Deco masterpiece cattycorner from the Chrysler Building—is outfitted with a quintet of century-old chairs in red leather and filigreed steel (a style currently in hot demand for wealthy bachelor lofts). The shop is in its third generation of scissoring by a family that received a superhero name change at Ellis Island. Says current boss Joe Magnetico, “This is a place for men to be men. We don’t do frou-frou. “It’s also the place for signature precision cuts, like a straight-edge shave or “a haircut that don’t look like a haircut, not that wet-behind-the-ears, Bazooka-chewin’ look.” The clientele of “three-quarters regulars” ranges from Grand Central execs, emulating underlings, and walk-ins who might introduce themselves as, “Mike from Brooklyn. Big Ralphie sent me.” — Karen Tina Harrison


Olde Tyme Barbers’ round, black-rimmed wall clock is an ancient General Electric model that keeps excellent time despite a second hand that runs backwards. This clock once lorded it over the barbers in the Carlyle Hotel, where a private elevator behind the shop took client Joseph Kennedy, Sr. up to the suite of his mistress, Gloria Swanson.

Opening hours


78 reviews
  • Jon·

    Eric consistently gives a great haircut.

  • Chris·

    Great place and staff! Eric is top notch

  • Nicholas Adams·

    Truly great haircut; genial conversation––could not be better. Sign me up...

  • JP·

    Always a great time here. I've gotten A+++ cuts from Fred and Eric consistently for years. Great vibes and great haircuts. I'll be back!

  • Mike Burke·

    As always, AWESOME

  • Mark C·

    Always get a great haircut here. Highly recommended

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